Carrboro Introduces Family Financial Assistance Program for Pandemic Recovery

Amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic, Carrboro has announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to families struggling with housing, utility, childcare, and transportation costs.

The Family Financial Assistance Program, recently approved by the town council, demonstrates Carrboro's commitment to supporting its community members during these difficult times.

Program Rollout

Applications for the program opened on January 16th and will remain open until January 31st, allowing eligible residents to access the relief they desperately need.

Carrboro Mayor Barbara Foushee expressed her delight at the unanimous approval of the program, highlighting the town council's collective effort to distribute funds to those who require immediate assistance.

Foushee expects the funds to be disbursed by mid-February, providing swift relief for struggling families.

ARPA Funding and Collaborations

The Family Financial Assistance Program is financed by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), a federal legislation passed in 2021, which allocated over $130 billion for pandemic relief costs across the country.

Orange County, where Carrboro is situated, granted $6.75 million of ARPA funding specifically for the town.

Within this allocation, $75,000 was set aside for Carrboro's Racial Equity Commission to develop community programs, bringing into focus the town's desire to foster a fair and inclusive recovery process.

Inclusivity and Community Engagement

Anita Jones-McNair, Carrboro's chief race and equity officer, emphasized the importance of community input in shaping the program's goals.

By collaborating with the Town's Housing and Community Services Department and actively listening to the concerns of residents and nonprofit agencies, the Racial Equity Commission ensured that the assistance reaches those in most need.

Jones-McNair highlighted the Commission's dual objectives of eliminating barriers to access while ensuring funds are equitably distributed.

Aid Beyond the Pandemic

The introduction of the Family Financial Assistance Program showcases Carrboro's commitment to addressing the lasting impacts caused by the pandemic.

Mayor Foushee acknowledged the ongoing needs of the community and expressed optimism that this program would provide much-needed relief.

By focusing on key areas such as housing, utilities, childcare, and transportation, Carrboro aims to directly alleviate the financial burden faced by families as they strive to regain stability.


Carrboro's launch of the Family Financial Assistance Program typifies its dedication to aiding its residents in recovering from the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Through effective collaborations, responsible use of ARPA funds, and a commitment to equity, this program represents a robust step forward. As Carrboro continues its recovery journey, the town's prioritization of its residents' immediate needs illustrates its dedication to ensuring a resilient and prosperous future for all.

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